Jen Blanco

Published and award-winning Venezuelan Art Director and Photographer based in Montreal.



Hi there!
Im Jen, art director, photographer & mom!

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and by age 23 I was packing my whole life into two suitcases and moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina (a country I had never visited before). You might think I was a little bit crazy but in fact, it was the most fun and most adventurous thing I’d ever done before! Until I decided to move once again, but this time to the very north side of the world, Canada, where I currently reside.

I studied graphic design in Caracas, advertising in Buenos Aires and digital art direction in Toronto. I’ve worked in 4 advertising agencies and collaborated with incredible people throughout my career. I hosted Jessica Walsh’s Ladies Wine and Design in Buenos Aires, I’ve done graphic design, advertising, murals, lettering and photography. I’ve done projects that I am so proud of, to this day. I’ve won awards and been published worldwide.

But instead of trying to sell myself with words I will let my work speak for itself and show my creativity, my passion and my skills! Nevertheless, if you still want to get into the nitty-gritty, you can visit my LinkedIn profile where you can read all about my experience, brands I’ve worked with and even the recommendations I’ve gotten from colleagues, bosses, teachers and classmates.

So once again, welcome to my creative world, I hope you enjoy it and leave with a smile, like the one I had every time I created each and every project here!